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SA Njovu Tours


Njovu is a diversified, proudly South African company, which provides:


ยท Specialised, personalised and customised tours to local and international tourists.


What do we offer?

We offer tours to local and international tourists who are interested in:

Experiencing the South Africa.s rich and colourful history,

Seeing the hidden natural beauties,

Visiting South Africa.s various heritage and archaeological sites,

Viewing the glorious and magnificent wildlife and game parks.


Tours are done in-land, i.e. Gauteng, Mpumalanga and the Northwest Province and range from 7 days (8 nights) to shorter 3.4 day tours.


A typical tour group consists of 4.8 people, with 6 people as an ideal group, however larger groups can be accommodated at special request.


Tours fees include accommodation, meals, and entry fees at pre-arranged sites. It excludes alcoholic beverages and curios.


We also offer the opportunity to .build-a-tour.. This facility allows you to specify attractions or sites you wish to visit. Taking this information and the duration of your stay, we then build a customised tour to suit your requirements. Options for .build-a-tour. range from hot air ballooning, elephant back safari.s, hiking, curio shopping, game drives, night time game drives, visits to theme parks, visits to heritage sites, and visits to sites of archaeological interest, to name a few. Please visit our BUILD-A-TOUR for more information. We also welcome your suggestions and requests.



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